Markzware ID2Q (InDesign to QuarkXPress)

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Markzware ID2Q

Supports QuarkXPress 2015, 10 and 9 on Mac

Supports QuarkXPress 2015 on Windows

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Markzware ID2Q Description:

Markzware ID2Q is all new plug-in software that aims to answer the problems of file conversion from Adobe InDesign to QuarkXPress. It’s a file plug-in application for Quark. Markzware ID2Q, which provides easy tools and features allowing very easy and immediate file conversion of Adobe InDesign document contents to QuarkXPress through a very simple single click in the QuarkXPress’s menu.

The file conversion will only take seconds to minutes after clicking the conversion option and the InDesign document can now be viewed in the QuarkXpress application. The conversion process include all the intricate details of the document, which includes the font style, font size, positioning of figures in the page, images, tables, text, layers, links, text boxes, pantone colors, color modes, anchor boxes, blends, and layers.

This plug-in software prevents wastes of time on recreating new documents and provides the users with an instant return on their investment on the product. The following are the Markzware ID2Q system requirements:


  • Pentium III / higher
  • Windows XP / higher
  • 3 GB size RAM
  • QuarkXPress v. 8 or 9


  • Intel
  • Mac OSX version10.5.8 / higher
  • 3 GB size RAM
  • QuarkXPress v. 8 or 9

For both Windows and Mac, an internet connection is required to activate the plug-in product.

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