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Mac Tune Up

MacTuneUp is a utility tool which is specifically designed for accelerating Mac system and avoiding its instability. It is capable of increasing network and Internet connections to provide the excellent website browsing capability. It is prepared with valuable features for tuning up Mac system.

MacTuneUp Features

  • It provides creation of bootable backups. Different backups for hard disks, operating systems and system file folders can be created with this utility software. It provides the ease of transferring an operating system from one disk to another. Hard drive backup can also be used to clone several hard disks. It also permits the production of system volume image that can be readily accessed and recovered by means of Apple Software Restore.
  • It has Internet Booster. It is capable of increasing the speed of the Internet connection. It amplifies the performance of web activity, chat, Internet surfing, file transfer protocol and email. It is specially designed for broadband internet connection. In order to use this feature for heavy computer system performance, virtual memory optimization is required. Proper optimization prevents system resource overload.
  • It has Sharing feature. It identifies safe access for access port sharing, user web sharing and user file sharing.
  • It is equipped with Mac Maintenance feature. It easily provides maintenance with its Maintenance Pilot that delivers system optimization, repair authorization and periodic function.
  • It has Enhanced Firewall. It offers an additional layer of shield by calibrating Mac firewall and Apple firewall. It has Info button that provides IPFW guide, protocols, services, port number information and firewall guide sets. It is highly recommended that users should execute correct firewall configurations in order to avoid placing Mac in an unworkable state.
  • It has Control System Settings. It enables users to simply modify system settings by means of using the available controls within MacTuneUp software.
  • It has Quick Info feature that permits users to search for shortcuts and system information.
  • It has Reset feature. It is capable of retuning adjustment dates, icon locations, comments and other file settings.
  • It has Trash function. Its Shredder feature destroys the erased file by overwriting and making it extremely unrecoverable. It will require an excellent data recovery software tool in order to retrieve the shredded files.
  • Its maintenance feature provides system repairs that can be programmed to perform monthly, weekly and daily.
  •   It fixes system errors and clutters to improve the computer’s performance. It removes web caches, compilation of application sets and log histories.

System Compatibility

  • Its supported Mac operating systems include OS X 10.6, OS X 10.5, X 10.4 and OS X 10.3.9.
  • It requires RAM capacity of approximately 256 megabytes.
  • Its required hard drive space capacity is approximately 10 megabytes.
  • In order to produce a backup hard drive image, its destination volume should have an available volume capacity that is twice the volume capacity of its source file location.

MacTuneUp is just the thing for increasing the speed and enhancing the performance of Mac system. It is specifically designed to repair system errors and restore outstanding system performance.

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