Macjournal 6

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Mac Journal 6

Claimed by Mariner Software to be the world’s most well-known journaling and blogging application for the Mac, MacJournal will let you begin writing and expressing yourself once you launch it. Create a journal for your family, dreams or anything then throw in and write your blog entry. It could be something you are thinking of for the day, thoughts about a good electronic gadget or simply about hanging out with your friends.

Product Description: MacJournal

You can create, modify and manage a personal journal. You can use it for logs, diaries or simply about anything. MacJournal is packed with interesting features and improvements that you can even turn it as your own personal writing area. Things like spell checker, color panels, toolbars, drawers, localization and fonts are all used to offer you a consistent and useful interface designed for Mac OS X.

Add any content and not only text! Blogging or writing a journal is not just about words. There are sounds, imagery and colors. You can simply place them all into your journals using MacJournal. Record a video or audio then publish it to a blog account. With MacJournal, the sky is the limit! Like other people, share your opinions and thoughts or even your whole life.

Benefits and Features:

- Supports different blogging platforms such as LiveJournal, Tumblr, WordPress, Movable Type, Blogger and many others.
- Spellchecks while an entry is being composed.
- Backs up all or any activity within the product.
- Make graphically rich journal using two-dimensional Quartz rendering technology.
- Use the Timer to keep track of yourself.
- Chronologically view your everyday writing activities by choosing the Timeline Mode or choose Calendar Mode to view your entries by year or month.
- Select your own background color and color of type.
- Offers password protection as well as AES-256 encryption giving users maximum strength security.
- Inclusion of Media Browser, which will let you choose your favorite songs from iTunes or a picture from your library.
- Print any blog entry or journal post to a PDF file or printer.
- Rich text editing where you can have multiple fonts, colors, spacing and kerning.
- Drag image files to your entries.
- Prevailing searching capabilities, allowing you to search something in all of your entries in just one click.

With all the features you can enjoy using MacJournal, you will surely appreciate keeping a journal for your business, school or yourself.

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