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Update: LightZone and LightCrafts definitely gone – info from other forum.

I can confirm that LightZone and the company behind it, LightCrafts, is now gone for good.

I send an email to Fabio Riccardi and he responded promptly and clearly that it was closed as not financially viable.

NOTE: I’m not sure about my findings, but Lightcraft website – is no longer online. many people say they can’t access this website, maybe this company is out of business, rumors are everywhere. I think you shouldn’t buy these software until Lightcraft’s website is online, so you can make sure you can get full support from this company as a customer.

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LightCraft Aurora Discount Coupon Code

Aurora is the better way to edit, organize and share your photos.

LightCrafts Aurora is an easy-to-use digital photo organizer and editor. It simplifies photo adjustments as users can relight, crop, strengthen the color of their photos and many more. At the same time, LightCrafts Aurora can also be integrated with photo-sharing and social networking sites, which enables users to easily upload their creations. It also allows users to annotate, rate, tag and search their photos. For an extra monthly fee, LightCrafts Aurora backup photos on the World Wide to ensure their security in case of technical difficulties. Another great feature of LightCrafts Aurora is its compatibility with both Windows and Macintosh, which allows more people to enjoy this software.

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Photo editing for professional photographers who like things made simple.

LightCrafts LightZone 3.9 (for Macintosh, Windows and Linux) is a Java-based editor of images and photos. Light values and shapes are the bases in using this software, which is the opposite of other pixel-based photo editors. Photographers and even amateurs on photo editing can use this software program as it is very simple to learn and easy to use. LightCrafts LightZone works by analyzing light values of the image to generate tonal zones. By doing such, it improves the image’s contrast, hue, sharpness and other appropriate editing. Aside from this, users can play around the software as it includes various tools that allow users to edit and manage their own images.

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LightZone (multi-platform) $ 99.95 84.96 $14.99

*Explanation from LightCraft about multi-platform version: LightZone license keys will work on any platform we support, be it Linux, Windows or OS X.  On our web site we only differentiate LightZone for Linux, to highlight the availability for that platform.  LightZone for Linux and LightZone for OS X are available for purchase together as one item.

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