Easy Spanish Platinum

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Easy Spanish Platinum

  • Pronunciation Workshop
  • Simulated Conversations
  • Interactive Dictionary
  • Games to Reinforce Skills
  • Cultural Movies

Learn to Speak Spanish Deluxe

Speak Spanish Deluxe changed to Easy Spanish Platinum

Learn to Speak Spanish Deluxe

Overview – What is Learn to Speak Spanish Deluxe?

Learn to Speak Spanish Deluxe is the most preferred software for learning the Spanish language because of its progressive approach to language acquisition and an intuitive interface. It is perfect for all types of learners whether one is just starting out, or one has already acquired the basic knowledge and just needs to polish fluency before attending an important business meeting.

If you don’t have any prior experience, lessons in vocabulary, phonetics and basic sentence construction are the best to start with. If you’ve learned the basics before but aren’t sure where to pick off, you may take pre-tests to determine what areas you need to work on. When you know which direction to take, you can choose from their library of advanced lessons which includes the Immersion System.

Learn to Speak Spanish Deluxe allows you to converse with native speakers, the fastest and most effective way of learning any language. The Immersion System teleports you to over 40 real-world scenarios and there you can interact with native speakers according to what you’ve learned from the workshops. These scenarios include booking a flight, hailing a taxi, or responding to a room service.

Also, a preview of Spain’s rich cultural history can be witnessed in ten documentary-style movies narrated by a Spanish voice. Hear the accent and record your voice afterwards using the speech lab to check if you’re close to your goals.

When you’re done all in all, you may test your skills through post-tests or to make it even more adventurous, games such as Go Fish, Hangman and crossword puzzles. The software is also equipped with written tests along with a 144-page reference book for written exercises.

Are you already excited? Before you begin, just want to let you know you can create individual accounts for unlimited number of users. You know that Learn to Speak Spanish Deluxe is even more fun when it is experienced along with friends and family.

The Fast & Easy Way to Learn Spanish

  • Award-Winning Language Software
  • Recommended for All Levels
  • Practice Real-world Conversations
  • Three Convenient Ways to Learn
  • Perfect Your Pronunciation!

Learn Faster with Real-world Scenarios

  • Total Immersion Learning – Over 40 Interactive Scenarios
  • Learn the Language through Cultural Movies!

Practice & Learn in a Language Workshop

  • Language Workshops
  • Build Your Vocabulary
  • Games & Activities
  • Oral & Written Lessons
  • Perfect Your Accent in the Pronunciation Workshop
  • Learn Anywhere – Even on the Go

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