Kaspersky Pure 3.0

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Kaspersky PURE 3

Top Five Features of Kaspersky Pure

The Kaspersky Pure is one of the best protection systems that you can give to your PCs at home. It is designed to make sure that all online threats will not harm your family’s laptops and PCs. There are also  many key features of Kaspersky Pure and to help you understand better, here are the top five that your whole family can benefit from.

  1. The System Watcher will keep suspicious malwares away from your computer. Malwares can get into your system by surfing the net, downloading files from unsecured sources or even from harmful emails. This key feature would help keep your computer healthy by monitoring any suspicious activity in your programs. If malwares are detected, you can easily remove them and revert any changes that they may have made on your system.
  2. The Password Manager is a great feature because this will take care of your passwords with just one master password. it can also help you generate more secure passwords for your online accounts.
  3. The File Advisor is like your personal technical assistant. You can simply send in the details of your inquiry to the Kaspersky Security Network and they would reply to you with more detailed information on how to deal with your PC problem.
  4. Parental Controls is a feature for those who want to monitor the computer usage of the young ones. Parents can put a limit on what their child can do on the web by setting restrictions on this program.
  5. The Backup and Restore feature of this program is for the security those important files you have. You would be able to easily store photos, music collections and other important documents into the online storage area so that they will not be lost in case of hard drive crashes or data corruptions.

The Kaspersky Pure has so much to offer to the whole family, so get one for your PC now and you will not regret it.

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