Kaspersky ONE

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Kaspersky One

Kaspersky One Description

Multi-Devices can be protected at the same time by Kaspersky ONE – Universal Security
New technology is invented and developed day after day. Therefore, many people are using manydigital devices in their daily activities, at home or at work. Their devices contain many private things,or other things, and it will cost a lot of time and effort to get their devices back to normal ifsomething bad happens. And people also need protection from cyber crime. Kaspersky ONE isreleased as a solution for people’s issue and meet increasing demands. With Kaspersky ONE, you getprotection from your computers, Macs, Smart phones and Android tablets.

For instance, with the 5-device Kaspersky ONE, here is what combination of devices you can protect:

1 household desktop + 2 laptops + 2 smart phones
2 tablets + 2 smart phones + 1 Mac
2 laptops + 2 smart phones + 1 tablet

Upon what’s on your mind. You can mix and use the latest product Kaspersky ONE from a very well-known security company, Kaspersky Lab to protect devices you have.

Protection for Windows PCs

No need to say, your Windows PC is one among devices using daily. So you need to make sure your PC is secured by the world’s best security available. Then you can feel comfortable when doing bank,shop and socialize online, or even other undiscovered threats, because you know that your PC is protected.

Protection for Macs

Currently, Macs don’t have to face as many threats as PCs, but it doesn’t mean your Mac doesn’t needto be protected. Because PC viruses can go from your Mac to other PCs of whom is in contact withyou such as your family, friends and colleagues.

Protection for Smartphones

Your smart phones are no exception when it comes to potential vulnerabilities. So your smart phones should get protected if you are able to do that.

Protection for Android Tablet

New released Android applications can be downloaded easily in seconds, but maybe you are unsure if these applications have virus or not. Now you can get your Android Tablet is protected with real-time scan and automatically updates from Kaspersky ONE.

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