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Kaspersky Internet Security 2021 Discount Coupon Code

About the old versions of Kaspersky Internet Security

Kaspersky internet security for protection against spam and hacking

Kaspersky internet security provides protection from spam, hackers, Trojans and viruses. Due to its hybrid approach, cloud based technologies and advanced anti -virus protection it delivers effective and faster response to today’s ever evolving, complex threats. Your private data and PC is protected while working online, shopping, playing and banking.

Benefits of kaspersky internet security:

  • Enjoy secure online shopping and banking: kaspersky internet security threatens you regarding malicious websites and potential phishing attacks. It secures your personal information like credit card details, login credentials, etc. you can shop and bank online peacefully.
  • Communicate safely on social networking sites: kaspersky internet security monitors internet traffic constantly. It protects you from malware websites while using twitter, facebook and other social networking sites. Your pictures, personal information and account details stay safe.
  • Protection from unknown threats: automatic analysis, monitoring and Kaspersky Lab’s cloud based technologies help in blocking unknown malware threats. Before these things harm your PC kaspersky internet security detect system activities and malware behavior patterns.
  • Benefits from hybrid protection: take advantage from hybrid protection while using your PC which brings latest information regarding malware threats with security capabilities for unbeatable protection in kaspersky internet security.
  • Get protection from emerging threats immediately: cloud based technologies help in keeping computer against latest malware threats. Kaspersky lab distributed globally threat monitoring network. It helps in gathering information about threats from millions of computer users all around the world.
  • Protection against phishing attacks: kaspersky internet security helps in protecting your identity by preventing cyber criminals from stealing your identity. It is possible due to anti phishing protection technologies. It leverages list of proactive anti phishing technologies, phishing websites and information from the cloud.
  • Supervision of usage of computer by your children: kaspersky internet security helps you to manage the access of PC by your children. You can access the internet, website, games and applications used by them. Using predefined rules you can choose your children’s communication with others via social networking sites and instant messaging.
  • Roll back changes that malware makes: you can ensure no harm is caused to your PC by undoing changes made by malware safely.

Key features of kaspersky internet security:

  • Kaspersky file advisor: with a single click of mouse files are checked safely.
  • Kaspersky URL advisor: color code tag is used to mark web links which shows danger level, allowing you to choose those links or not.
  • System watcher: allows you to roll back system changes done by malware and helps in monitoring suspicious application activities.
  • Completely registered interface: security settings inside kaspersky internet security are made quick and easy to navigate.
  • Parental control: it provides effective and flexible settings in keeping children safe and secure while using internet and computer.
  • Anti spam technology and anti phishing technology: it guards against unwanted adware and spam providing reliable protection to your personal information.
  • Two way personal fire wall: it prevents and protects against the attack of hackers.
  • Safe run mode: kaspersky internet security has this mode helps you in launching suspicious websites and applications in isolated, special environment which prevents it from harming your computer.
Kaspersky Internet Security 2021 Discount Coupon Code
50% Discount – Kaspersky Internet Security 2021
$39.99 $79.99

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