Jet Profiler for MySQL, Enterprise Version

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Jet Profiler for MySQL, Enterprise Version

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Jet Profiler for MySQL, Enterprise Version

Jet Profiler for MySQL is a real-time query performance and diagnostics tool for the MySQL database server. Its detailed query information, graphical interface and ease of use makes this a great tool for finding performance bottlenecks in your MySQL databases.

The user interface of the software is extremely user-friendly, given the fact that Jet Profiler focuses and presents queries, tables and numbers in general. The software gives you all essential information with just a few clicks, especially if you need to quickly fix performance problems in your code, such as most frequent queries, most used tables or the busiest users. Data is collected, analyzed and displayed in real-time in diagrams, pie charts and tables, which is simultaneously adjusted as data is edited. The graphical layout allows you to easily drill down and navigate your way through the vital data.

No agents or separate services are needed to do all related and necessary task. Jet Profiler is a desktop application which runs on your computer, which connects to a server, allows you to record, edit data and review the results within minutes. Jet Profiler runs on Windows, Mac and Linux. The software works well with all operating systems including: Fedora, FreeBSD, Linux, MacOS, OpenBSD, Windows 2000, Windows 7, Windows NT, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Optimized Registration.

Jet Profiler for MySQL is optimized for internet registration, ensuring maximum satisfaction and a smooth registration on internet. The choice of tutorials and the topics covered are great, which can users find useful when they get lost in the process. Furthermore, when other people used the computer or Mac which you have install Jet Profiler for MySQL, Enterprise Version software, they won’t know it is exist. It is completely invisible and stealthy.