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System Mechanic 11 breaks new ground with a combination of patented technology, expanded controls and enhanced intelligence that can advance your computer?s operation beyond even the toughest performance barriers.

System Mechanic 11 Key Benefits Summary

  • Comprehensive solution: Performs a 229-point diagnostic computer inspection.
  • Independent lab proven: Multiple 3rd party lab tests prove System Mechanic works to improve PC speed and reliability.
  • Science-driven repair power: Uses iolo Labs’ data to automatically fix over 30,000 different types of problems and errors.
  • A wise investment: Makes old PCs run like new again and keeps new PCs running smooth, avoiding headaches and premature replacement costs.
  • The expert’s choice: Ranked as most effective in improving PC performance by expert research studies.
  • Patented automatic maintenance: iolo’s patented ActiveCare technology automatically maintains your PC while it isn’t being used.
  • Unlimited home license: iolo’s breakthrough Whole Home License allows use on all your home PCs.
  • Compatible with all versions of Windows: From Windows XP to Windows 8 and beyond, iolo ensures its products are always on the cutting edge.


System Mechanic 11

Discount on iolo System Mechanic
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iolo System Mechanic $ 49.95 24.95 $25.00

System Mechanic Pro 11

Discount on iolo System Mechanic Professional
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iolo System Mechanic Professional $ 69.95 49.95 $20.00

iolo System Shield AntiVirus AntiSpyware Discount Coupon Code

System Shield is an outstanding anti-virus program developed by iolo for people who hate slow PCs. It consumes minimal memory and CPU resources to allow other programs and even heavy games to run more efficiently. Though it consumes low CPU resources, it can give you an excellent protection from trojans, worm and other junk files to keep your computer operate more effectively.

System Shield gives you Invisible real-time protection which means it won’t bother you with threat alerts that may interrupt you from doing other things. This is a very powerful anti-virus program which can remove even the stubborn infection using its seek-and-destroy method, to ensure that the system is absolutely threat-free.

Discount on iolo System Shield Price (25% OFF)
iolo System Shield AntiVirus & AntiSpyware $ 39.95 29.95 $10.00

iolo Search and Recover Discount Coupon Code

iolo Search and Recover

Computers are one of the most powerful gadgets in the world but just like any other gadgets, computers can also malfunction and cause stored files, photos, videos and other important data to be deleted. Because of this, iolo Search and Recover was created. This software program can rescue data from any drive or digital media devices such as cameras, CDs, DVDs, flash drives, memory cards and the like. It can also recover data from damaged or formatted drives without harming all stored files. Aside from this, iolo Search and Recover can also secure file deletion, in which it ensures that no other recovery software can find the restored data as other software can cause more harm.

Discount on iolo Search and Recover
Price (33% OFF)
iolo Search and Recover $ 29.95 19.96 $10.00

iolo Drive Scrubber Discount Coupon Code

iolo DriveScrubber

When one decides to sell his or her computer and delete contents from the drive, he or she is advised to use iolo Drive Scrubber before selling it since deleting or formatting the drive does not entirely remove the files contained in it. But with iolo Drive Scrubber, the user is ensured with maximum protection as it protects the user in three ways. It wipes the entire drive, wherein it prevents other people from seeing personal information of the user. It also erases bits and pieces of deleted data and at the same time, it cleans and restores damaged drives caused by viruses or spyware.

Discount on iolo Drive Scrubber Price (33% OFF)
iolo Drive Scrubber $ 29.95 19.95 $10.00
System Mechanic and Windows 8

With Windows 8 due to arrive soon, iolo Labs has been hard at work analyzing the developer preview version to understand the new technology and determine how early adopters can best leverage iolo’s performance optimization technology to enhance their Windows 8 experience.

Innovation and Evolution

Microsoft’s new Windows OS appears to be the result of a great deal of technical innovation and creative effort. A completely new user interface called “Metro” breaks the mold and introduces an evolved method of interaction that allows users to more easily and intuitively access favorite apps from a variety of devices on which Windows 8 is designed to run.

According to Microsoft, the Windows 8 user experience is built around the concept of greater interactivity and efficiency. Its Metro interface logically groups cloud- and disk-based apps, tools and services (including live feed) giving the user the power to manage and access everything on the computer at a glance.

Because Windows 8 is so interactive and heavily incorporates touch and gesture based commands, it is even more dependent on fast and responsive operation than its predecessors. As iolo Labs studies the new operating system, its primary objective is to guide iolo’s engineering teams toward the exact technology and tools users will need to ensure maximum performance and stability as they migrate to Windows 8.

A Perfect Performance Fit

In fact, early iolo Labs research has found that System Mechanic’s performance optimization technology actually increases Windows 8 start up speed even more than with previous versions of Windows.

Despite being positioned as the most powerful operating system Microsoft has ever offered, iolo’s testing has also determined that Windows 8 uses less memory and system resources than Windows 7. In addition, Windows 8 appears to align much more with iolo’s high-performance focus with exciting new architectural enhancements that enable System Mechanic to make even more direct improvements to speed and reliability.

Delivering an Elevated Experience

System Mechanic directly complements the Windows 8 performance focus by automatically eliminating the root causes of traditional speed degradation. Using patented ActiveCare® technology, it intelligently and transparently maintains Windows 8 using an approach only iolo can deliver. Plus, with over 50 tools designed to allow users of all Windows operating systems to get the most out of PCs of any age, System Mechanic ensures a more enjoyable and productive digital experience, whether it be gaming, business use, online shopping and socializing, or anything in between.

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