Intego NetBarrier 2013

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Protection On-The-Go

Business meetings oftentimes require people to exchange data in order to get a visual idea of how their business partners are doing. Private networks are usually used to transfer this data to other computers. In some cases however private networks cannot be used. People therefore rely on public networks to transfer files to their colleagues. This method exposes the computer to access from other computers since the public network does not require any password. Data can also be unknowingly sent through the public network. For this reason, it is best to have the Intego NetBarrier 2013 to protect your files when using public networks.

What Is It?

The Intego NetBarrier 2013 acts as an online barrier which restricts access to files on the computer by both the network itself and by applications. This program acts as a deterrent to hackers since it creates a firewall which prevents other computers, which share the same network with the computer, to access the computer. This program also automatically changes settings when it detects that the user has connected to different networks. The level of protection can be altered by the user depending on the circumstances of the network connection.

Features of the Software

This software has a multitude of features which deals with concerns related to network security. The first feature deals with external devices which seek access to the computer. The user is prompted to allow access to these devices whenever they try to access the computer. The second feature deals with network channels and allows the user to configure their settings. The third feature deals with viruses and applications. The software constantly monitors the activity of all applications and reports if an application accesses an unusual amount of bandwidth. This software prompts the user whenever an application requires access to the internet.

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