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Premium Security for Macs

Apple’s Macintosh computers, otherwise known as Macs, are believed to be immune to any computer viruses. Even the company itself has stated on its website that Macs cannot get viruses. Recently, however, thousands of Macs around the world simultaneously got computer viruses. No one knows where the attacks came from or why they were done. It has been proven that Macs are not totally immune to computer viruses. Apple’s claim that their Macs were impervious to viruses was removed from their website. Developers began to develop anti-viruses designed for Macs to address the impending threats of the computer’s safety. Thus, the Intego Mac Premium Bundle 2013 was developed and released into the market.

The All in One Bundle

The Intego Mac Premium Bundle 2013 is the complete, all in one package of security essentials developed by Intego. The premium bundle contains all of its independent security software with the addition of other features for maximum security. The premium bundle protects the Mac using three layers of security. The first layer of security is the real-time scanning of incoming data from any device. The real-time scanning cross-references the files with Intego’s database to determine if the files can be trusted or not. The second layer of protection includes a firewall, anti-malware, and anti-spyware. The third layer of protection deals with the threats that come from browsing the internet. These include applications which are automatically downloaded and run once an infected site is visited.

Additional Features

Aside from the primary features of this software, the Intego Mac Premium Bundle 2013 also speeds up the system of the Mac by removing unnecessary files that clog the system. Files that threaten the security of the system such as cookies are also automatically removed. There is also a secure clean feature which removes all traces of deleted files from the system.

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