Intego Mac Internet Security 2013

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Internet Security for Mac

The internet is the primary source of computer viruses mainly because of its capability to infect computers around the world. Also, since not all internet surfers are aware of potentially harmful sites, computer viruses are passed quite frequently. All operating systems are capable of being infected by computer viruses including the reputable Mac OS which was once impervious to computer viruses. Security is compromised on Mac PCs and files are open to attacks. It is therefore recommended to install internet security software which would help in preventing these viruses from infecting the Mac. The Intego Mac Internet Security 2013  is the complete internet security solution for all computers running the Mac OS.

Complete Internet Security

The Intego Mac Internet Security 2013 offers all of the essential security measures necessary to protect the Mac from internet related computer viruses. It does this by employing Intego’s unique protection known as “Net Barrier”. The Net Barrier identifies applications which use bandwidth and determines if they are downloading something from the internet. All applications discreetly downloading data from the internet are stopped and needs permission from the user before downloading can resume. There is also a profile switching feature which automatically switches profiles when connecting using different networks.

Other Features

Aside from providing internet security, this software also provides offline security. This software uses a feature known as “Virus Barrier” which essentially protects the entire system from all viruses including those that were made to attack Windows and Unix systems. There is also a real time scanning feature as well as on demand malware scans to prevent the Mac from being a carrier of the virus. This feature also scans all files and data on iOS device to prevent them from being transferred to the Mac. Finally, there is an application activity log which detects suspicious activity by running applications. 

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