Intego Family Protector

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Intego Family Protector 2013

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The Family Protector

Internet surfing has a lot of benefits due to the sheer amount of information it contains. All types of subject matter can be found on the internet whether they be for a primary school homework or for a post-graduate thesis. The internet however is also home to danger especially to children. Children are able to talk to strangers on the internet and may give out vital information about their lives. There are also inappropriate websites which are only suitable for mature audiences. These websites are not locked in any way and require only a single click for the user to gain access. In order to protect the young ones from the dangers of the internet, the Intego Family Protector is introduced.

Protection for Children

The Intego Family Protector is an anti-virus coupled with parental controls that serves to block access to some websites on the internet. The primary purpose of this software is to prevent accidental information leakage by the children to strangers on the internet. This software allows parents to set up multiple profiles which gives full access to adults while restricting access for the children. These settings can be overwritten so long as the user knows the password for the override. Website history is also recorded to allow parents to monitor their child’s activity on the internet.

Maximum Parental Control

This software comes bundled with an AntiPredator chat monitor which watches the children’s chat with their friends. An email is automatically sent to the parent whenever obscene languages or inappropriate chats are found. Parents can also set restrictions to apply on certain times of the day in order to prevent the children from playing online games too much. Parents can also view the activity of their network using any computer thanks to the web administration console. The console sends the data and stores it into an online account similar to how cloud based storages work.

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