Instant Immersion Spanish

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Instant Immersion Spanish Software

Learning foreign language is really fun. If you plan to travel in Spain, you must learn the native language fast. An easy and exciting way to learn Spanish is through the learning program Instant Immersion Spanish. Instant Immersion has long been known as the best language program and they haven’t left out Spanish language.

Instant Immersion believes that to learn a new language fast, you have to know and understand its fundamentals. The Instant Immersion Spanish software is composed of lessons of a series of different topics and fundamentals of Spanish language. Each lesson ends with an interactive activity or game to enhance learning Spanish.

Benefits and Features of Instant Immersion Spanish:

– Packed with audio and video programs that are easy-to-use.

– Learn Spanish wherever you are as long as you have your MP3 player, iPod, or CD player with you.

– Keeps track of your progress in learning Spanish through a sophisticated tracking system.

– Includes 3 bonus CDs that contain learning activities and exercises that are designed to enhance learning Spanish.

– Composed of 9 discs including the bonus disc. There are three levels where the first level is teaching through associating words to pictures. Learn Spanish in the third level through phrases and by viewing a conversation between two individuals who speaks native Spanish. While the third level contributes to your learning Spanish through introducing more phrases and dialogues that are far more advanced than in the second level.

– Provides different activities that reinforce the given lessons.

– Integrated with a state-of-the-art program for speech recognition to improve pronunciation of the learner.

– Ensures students learn in the easy and fun way by using images and interactive lessons.

– Reinforcing lessons through interactive games like the mystery game Who is Oscar Lake.

– After each lesson, a quiz is incorporated to check how far you have learned before proceeding to another lesson.