Instant Immersion Japanese

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Instant Immersion Japanese

Who says learning Japanese is very hard? As long as you have the appropriate medium and strong motivation, learning Japanese is easy. One effective medium in learning Japanese is Instant Immersion Japanese. This language learning software includes different presentation of lessons by using images, flashcards, videos, and audio clips. Learning is not constricted. The student can freely choose when to learn and what topic to learn.

Instant Immersion believes that learning a foreign language is possible as long as you know all the fundamentals. Thus Instant Immersion Japanese is designed such that each lesson is incorporated with the fundamentals of Japanese language.

Benefits and Features

– Composed of 9 discs: 6 discs contains the three levels lessons (each level consist of 2 disc) and 3 bonus discs (1 CD-ROM where you can solve the mystery game Where is Oscar Lake, 1 audio disc which you can play in MP3 devices or iPods, and 1 DVD which contains interactive games and activities that can be played in your TV).

– Uses a program interface which is easy to use.

– Equipped with a comprehensive tracking system of your progress where your score in every exercise is recorded.

– To ensure that you learn the correct pronunciation of words and phrases, Instant Immersion’s voice recognition system is included.

– Provides exercise where the student is going to view people who are having conversation using native Japanese language.

– Learn Japanese even if you are away from your computer by transferring the audio files from the audio disc to your MP3 or iPod.

– Comes with a dictionary which has 2,000 entries of words with corresponding interactive pictures.

Whatever learning style you prefer, Instant Immersion Japanese will serve you right. With the different approaches used in delivering the lessons and reinforcing it with interactive activities, student of any age will surely speak, read, and write Japanese after a few weeks.