Instant Immersion Italian

Instant Immersion Italian

Amazon Deal (2011 Version) Instant Immersion Italian Levels 1, 2 & 3 (2011 Version) Instant Immersion Italian Levels 1, 2 & 3
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Instant Immersion The quickest way to learn -- guaranteed. Instant Immersion uses natural image-association techniques to help you learn as easily as you learned your first language. With Instant Immersion, you will have more fun, save money and reach your goals faster -- guaranteed*! Level 1 screenshot...

Amazon Deal 2014 Edition - Instant Immersion Italian Levels 1,2,3 2014 Edition - Instant Immersion Italian Levels 1,2,3
Sale Price: $18.62


The newest version; Updated with a modern interface & graphics, user tracking, new software installation options and an unlimited household computer license, plus extra learning tools like the Pocket Phrase Guide and the transcript for the audio lessons3 complete levels of language-learning software use the same proven methods as other similar products - learn to speak and read in a new language using methods that occur in an immersive environment- plus lots of extra on-the go language-learning toolsLots of ways learn; Use the award-winning software, get the whole family learning with the interactive DVD, use the audio lessons anywhere and follow along with a printable transcript, and use the Pocket Phrase Guide for practice or when you travelSoftware?s game-style learning and fun, interactive atmosphere keeps you coming back, as does the feeling of success; Practice with video of native speakers and hone your pronunciation with the Voice Recording Feature-all in the comfort of your own homeChoose the best installation method for your device-install the software using the DVD or download online - and install on every computer in your home New: After installation, you do not need to insert the DVD to use the software

Instant Immersion Italian software is an excellent application in learning Italian in just a couple of weeks. The features integrated in this application like speech recognition program, audio courses, and interactive activities and games can help you become fluent in Italian. Every activity is carefully designed so you can increase your vocabulary and advance your understanding about Italian.

Instant Immersion gives you the opportunity to learn Italian even if you are at home, at school, at the office, or when on travel. At a lower price, any member of the family can take advantage of this application because it is designed for all ages.

Benefits and Features

- Comes in 9 discs: 6 discs for instructions (2 disc each level), 1 disc for interactive activities, 1 disc for the Who is Oscar lake mystery game, and 1 audio disc which you can use to transfer files to any available mobile device (MP3 or iPod) so you can still continue learning Italian while you are far from your computer.

- Every learning style is catered by Instant Immersion because it uses different approaches and methods. Learner has the freedom to choose what to learn next.

- comprise 3 levels:

o Level one – contains the basics about Italian language where image are used and associate it to words/.

o Level two – immerse the student in a conversation between native speakers of Italian. The speakers only use usual phrases and dialogues.

o Level three – the student can view the conversation of people who speaks native German but the dialogues and phrases are more advanced than in level two.

- Record your score and track your progress with its progress tracking program.

- Correct accent and pronunciation through the speech recognition system.

- Provides interactive activities at the end of every lesson and offers games and images which make learning Italian interesting.

With the fantastic features Instant Immersion Italian has, you are ensured that you’ll learn Italian easily and faster.