Instant Immersion German

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Instant Immersion German

Instant Immersion German software is a language program which uses different methods and examples to make learning of German language simple and fun. Its features are very impressive and ensures learning German in just a couple of weeks.

“Who is Oscar Lake” is a famous mystery game integrated in this software and developed by Instant Immersion where you need to use German language to find out who Oscar is. You’ll learn not in a step-by-step process but on your own preference. Just select a disc and you’ll be fluent in speaking, writing, and reading German in no time.

Benefits and Features

– Offers a comprehensive approach in learning to speak, write, and read German language.

– Includes 3D animations of the phonetics of German.

– Equipped with Spoken Error Tracking System or SETS which helps the user to compare and correct his pronunciation and accent by viewing people speaking in native German.

– Provides you the opportunity to be immersed in a conversation or dialogue between native speakers of the German language.

– Includes collection of vocabularies, correct grammar, and culture traditions.

– Provides activities and games which can enhance correct grammar, word pronunciation, dictation, word order, and sentence pronunciation. Example of games and activities are filling in the blanks, association of picture to words, crossword puzzles, dialog, and more.

– Provides audio and videos where the participants are native speakers of German.

– Consisted of three levels:

o Beginner – basics are taught using picture-word association.

o Intermediate – building a solid background by immersing the learner in a dialogue between native speakers of the language. The dialogue only contains the basic phrases and words.

o Advanced – this level will show you and provide activities on how to become fluent in everyday conversations. The learner will be immersed in a dialogue where native speakers of the language uses advanced phrases and sentences.

– User-friendly, uses voice recognition system, and integrated with a tracking system of the learner’s progress in learning German.

Instant Immersion German is perfect for anybody since it uses different teaching methods that coincide to every learning style.