Instant Immersion English

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Instant Immersion English

If one of your goals is to quickly learn English as your second language, Instant Immersion English software offers you an opportunity to achieve this goal. Many review websites named Instant Immersion English as one of the best language learning program.

Instant Immersion focuses on students to build an understanding of the fundamentals of English language. You’ll learn English vocabulary and appropriate pronunciation in a unique and effective process. This application will help you achieve your goals faster and in an exciting way.

Features and Benefits

– Consists of 9 discs: six discs contain three levels of lessons where each lesson is contained in 2 discs, 1 disc contains the game “Where is Oscar Lake”, 1 audio disc which reinforces every lesson with audio exercises, and 1 disc for additional interactive exercises.

– Provides interactive activities to practice speaking and reading English.

– Integrated with a progress tracking system which presents your progress in learning English through your score in every exercise after each lesson.

– Comes with a sophisticated speech recognition system developed by Instant Immersion which allows the students to record their own voice, replay it and compare it with the correct pronunciation and accent.

– The basics of English language are completely covered.

– Program is not constricted meaning students can choose the topic they want to learn anytime they want.

– Provides an interactive activity where the students are going to observe people having a conversation using English language.

– Easy to use program.

– Uses real people to teach and guide the students learning English language.

– Uses images, videos, audios, and flashcards in presenting the lessons. This technique makes the software ideal for different students who have different learning styles.

Instant Immersion English which is an affordable and easy-to-use application will help you become prepared in having conversations to people who are native to English language.