Instant Immersion Chinese

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Instant Immersion Chinese

Speaking Chinese fluently is possible within a few weeks if you use Instant Immersion Chinese. This language learning program provides various teaching methods that cater the need of students of different learning styles. This is achieved through presentations of the lessons using images, interactive activities and games, and audio disc.

Learning Chinese is very exciting with this application because you’ll experience a journey to Lang Tu’s breathtaking mountaintops and learn by defeating your enemy in the arena of school of minds in martial arts. A teacher who speaks in native Chinese will guide you in every step of learning Chinese. Each lesson is carefully designed and developed by the experts on learning Chinese who are Professors of competent universities.

Features and Benefits

– Uses effective software of language-learning from Europe.

– Incorporates an exciting CD-ROM named Blackbelt Chinese which is effective because of the combination of animations of video games and mah-jongg. Blackbelt Chinese is effective in learning words, characters, and their corresponding sounds the easy and quick way.

– Comes in 8 discs: 5 discs contain the three levels of lessons (beginner, intermediate, and the advance Tell Me More level), and 3 audio disc which helps you learn Chinese quickly by immersing you more in vocabulary and correct pronunciation.

– Learn Chinese away from your computer through the audio disc which you can play in your iPod or any mobile device while you’re on travel or at school.

– Uses S.E.T.S (Spoken Error Tracking System) which is a sophisticated system that allows you to analyze your speech if you have a correct pronunciation of the phrases and words.

– The exercises’ difficulty level and the program of each topic can be customized according to your preference.

At an affordable price, you’ll learn to speak, read, and write Chinese easily and quickly with Instant Immersion Chinese.

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