Sony Imagination Studio 4

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Imagination Studio 4

Realizing Dreams Through The Imagination Studio

The Imagination Studio is a suite offered by Sony to the general public that can substantially help in optimizing the value of digital music, pictures and videos to computer users. The Imagination Studio consists of five superb applications that will certainly upgrade the user’s file sharing capability and multimedia experience.  The Imagination Studio can be run through a DVD ROM and requires a Window Vista, 7 or XP platform to operate.

The applications included in the Imagination Studio consist of the Sound Forge Audio Studio, Vegas Movie Studio HD Platinum, Acid Music Studio, Photos Go and DVD Architect Studio. These applications will help the users to create original music, develop Hollywood-quality movies and enhance images. Learning these applications will also not be a hassle through the user-friendly Show Me How tutorials of the Imagination Studio.

The Sound Forge Audio Studio allows the users to record and edit raw audio files and turn them to top-calibre music which matches the quality produced by professional music makers. This allows balancing of different levels of sound components, customized audio trimmings, and easy synchronization of voice overs and music background to video outputs. This also permits users to convert cassette tracks to digitized formats and restore recorded music to its original state by removing pops, clicks and other distracting sounds. This application contains a feature which allows removal of vocals from songs in order to produce karaoke tracks that everybody can sing to.

The Movie Studio HD Platinum can produce professional-looking movies through the numerous video transitions and effects built in the software. The user friendly interface allows dragging and dropping of video clips to the timeline which could be edited easily afterwards. This can generate movies that are in 3D and high definition format. When the movie output has been published, this can then be burned to a Bluray Disc or DVD. Other tools that can ease up the movie making process include 5.1 audio surround mixing, advanced color correction and video compositing.

The Acid Music Studio can be used to record live vocals and instrumental accompaniments and adjust settings to create an original musical composition. This also allows remixing of various songs through the audio effects and audio loops bundled in the application. After producing the upgraded audio output, this can be burned to CDs or exported to various portable devices. This program also has additional features such as the TruePianos Amber Lite piano and Studio Devil British Valve Custom Guitar plug-ins.

The Photos Go is the greatest photo organizing tool that can turn standard shots to glitzy images. This also allows importing of photos from cameras and easy sharing with peers and relatives in an instant. Appealing slideshows can also be created through the Photos Go.

The DVD Architect Studio permits the generation of professional-quality DVDs (fullscreen or widescreen format) at the comfort of one’s personal computer. This can range from home movies to music albums to photo compilations. This application offers 56 stunning DVD themes where users can select from to create their own DVD. This application also permits importation of personal images which can be customized to create a DVD theme with a more personal and intimate touch.

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