Image Line FL Studio Fruity Edition

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Image Line FL Studio Fruity Edition V10

Discovering the Features of Image Line FL Studio

To those who edit audio for projects, music or just for the fun of it, Image Line FL Studio can be the helper audio fanatics need. This Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) proves that audio editing does not have to be a headache. With its full features, it can record, sequence, compose and mix audio to achieve that professional audio result everyone wants. Just like all other products, Image Line FL Studio has its own pros, cons and requirements that the system should meet.

FL Studio 11

Create Music with FL Studio 11

There is music that lives in every person regardless of the genre.  If you are the type of music lover who has a heart for creating music, you will be happy to know that there is an all-in-one music production software that will let you create, record, and edit music with the best quality output.

FL Studio 11 has been around for almost 14 years and is generous in giving free updates to its users. With its updated version, this software gives you a new set of state-of-the-art features that will surely bring out the musician in you.

FL Studio 11 takes pride in its outstanding features.  First in line is the Performance Mode. It makes it easy to work with your music since it can launch playlist clips in different ways: mouse, touch, keyboard or a MIDI controller.

One good thing about FL Studio 11 is that is has a lot of available plugins that users can use.  These plugins are synced and connected to respond to Microsoft Multi-touch gestures.

Compared to the preceding versions of FL Studio 11 where only 99 playlists were available, this new version has up to 199 playlists tracks that you can use in the course of your music production.

The FL Studio 11 has also addressed issues on controller conflict.  It has launched a proper linking of MIDI input ports. It can now identify ports used in order to avoid problems with connections.

For more convenient editing, FL Studio 11 now has a Right-click date entry feature. It enables users to just execute a right-click and effortlessly input values.

Multi-plug-in users also have something to look forward to in this new version.  The New Plugin Picker will serve its purpose to make searching easy for you.  All you have to do is type the plugin name and what you need will be given to you right away.

These are just some of the few game-changing elements that FL Studio 11 has.  Do not miss the chance to have a first-hand experience of these amazing features in your music making projects.

Image Line FL Studio

For the system requirements, the system should be an Intel Pentium 3 or at least be a 2 Ghz AMD processor. As for the RAM requirement, it should at least be at 1 Gb.  Also provide 1 Gb of free disk space for installation. A Soundcard complete with DirectSound drivers should also be available. These minimum requirements are only enough for the DAW to work but its overall performance will greatly depend on the speed of the CPU and the RAM the computer has. A faster CPU speed will allow Image Line FL Studio to play more instruments simultaneously and with a higher RAM, loading and play backs will run more smoothly. FL Studio is also available for mobiles such as the Iphone, Ipad and Ipod touch.

This software offers many features that bear out its own pros. One of which is the auto save function. Losing unsaved projects will never be a problem again. Synthesizing of sounds can range from acoustic to rock. The music editor can also synthesize almost any sound or noise one can possibly think of. Arranging the audio can be done with freedom. Beats can be easily sliced and time stretching can also be easily maneuvered. It also offers pitch correction and pitch harmonization to correct slight imperfections on vocals. FL Studio can make recording a breeze with its ability to record simultaneously on going audio such as quartets or orchestras. Free updates are also available to fix bugs and other issues. These updates are forever offered as long as one is available.

As for its cons, the drum effects are not what many would expect. In this aspect alone, improvements should be made. The newest version released has phased out the pattern blocks. This may be a problem for old users since most are used to it during live performances.

Image Line FL Studio comes in 4 different editions for desktops while the mobile edition has 2 versions. For the desktop, the most expensive edition is its signature bundle starting at $299 followed by the producer edition at $199 and the fruity edition at $99. The least expensive edition is the FL Studio Express which costs $49. Demos are also available for product testing. It also serves as the installer itself. The 2 mobile editions are FL Studio Mobile ($19.99) and Mobile HD ($24.99).

The Image Line FL Studio is a complete package for audio editing. However, serious audio editors should stick to the desktop versions since the mobile editions are somewhat limited. The demo provides a great preview for the real product and this can give the assurance people need before buying the real deal.


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