Banktivity 6

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Last update was on: November 19, 2017 6:10 pm

What's new in Banktivity 6


  • IMPROVED - Account types
  • IMPROVED - Hide/show accounts


  • IMPROVED - Streamlined input
  • NEW - Searching
  • IMPROVED - Split transactions
  • IMPROVED - Transaction templates
  • IMPROVED - Scheduled transactions
  • IMPROVED - Statements
  • IMPROVED - Check printing


  • IMPROVED - Direct Access
  • IMPROVED - Import from Quicken
  • IMPROVED - Update everything

Categories and Tags

  • NEW - Flexible tags

File Management

  • IMPROVED - Portability
  • IMPROVED - Password protection
  • IMPROVED - Multiple windows


  • IMPROVED - Investment reports


  • IMPROVED - The facts you need, at a glance
  • NEW - Compare date ranges
  • IMPROVED - Built-in templates
  • IMPROVED - Layers of detail
  • IMPROVED - See what's coming
  • NEW - Report groups


  • IMPROVED - Category budgeting

Other Features

  • IMPROVED - Gorgeous interface
  • NEW - Workspaces

iBank 4

What are the Features of IBank 4

Getting a common repository for all bank transactions is now easy with the rise of finance-centered applications. One of the popular applications is the iBank 4. This is an application made especially for MAC computers and laptops. This application makes it easy for clients to setup their accounts and transact and download data directly from their banks. The application is used to consolidate all accounts such as cash deposits, checks and other accounts from different banks so that one can view and check their balance with the set currency.

A person can select a list of accounts from the source list which is located on the left area of the window. The user can then select any of the views in the menu such as Account Register, State View or Cover Flow. Account Register is one of the views which are used to display the accounts balance and to trace all transactions. The Statement view is used to reconcile all transactions based on the statements from the user’s banks. Cover Flow, on the other hand, will enable the users to view their transactions in a graphical style.

There are also different categories of different kinds of hierarchies that a user can assign to their accounts. Users can also make more detailed transactions to assign it to a specific category. The best thing about this is that iBank 4 would remember how the users categorize their transactions and the application will replicate the category automatically.

Users can also do budgeting through envelopes. Users will be able to keep track of expenses and they will be able track of cash until the payment due date. The application can move the savings to another month as needed. iBank 4 powerful features helps users take control of their finances in easy steps. Paperwork and bank statements will be easier to keep track as all information will be in one place. Furthermore, data from the computer can also be synchronize to iPhone through iBank mobile which would make users manage their accounts anytime, anywhere.

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