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Human Japanese

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Human Japanese Product Description

There is no other learn Japanese software that is more engaging than the Human Japanese software. Human Japanese suggests a teaching method which is fresh and came out to be effective. Though it is not very interactive like its competitions, this fresh perspective is still an effective application.

Full understanding about Japanese language is established by Human Japanese by immersing students in its writing system, correct pronunciation, dialogues, and its culture. To become fluent in a foreign language, one must completely understand how the language works. Human Japanese does not only teach how to read, write, and speak Japanese words and phrases but it provides activities that would help you develop the skills and understanding to learn further on your own even without the software.

The best asset of Human Japanese is its overall structure which is excellent and captures the interest of the learner. The graphics and the elements of the audio used are interesting and engaging.

Features and Benefits

– Composed of several chapters where each discusses lingual topic.

– Interactive learning is enhanced through clickable elements that visually or audibly help the learner.

– Learn correct pronunciation by clicking clickable elements and wait for a voice that pronounces the words and phrases correctly.

– Includes a follow-up quiz not only after every chapter but also in the middle of the chapter.

– Animations are incorporated to teach correct writing and strokes.

– Includes a search bar which is displayed in every page of the side bar. This is a helpful feature in case you forgot some terms and in dire need to learn about it. Just type the term and phrase then you will see a display of the result of the search.

– Automatically assess yourself by clicking the answer after giving your answer to the question.

– Comes with an integrated speech recognition system which allows the students to record their voices and play it again to check the difference in pronunciation.

– Its website offers additional good sources of learning materials.

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