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HTML-to-RTF Pro DLL.Net:  Converting HTML to Text Documents

There are instances when HTML pages need to be transformed into simpler document or text files.  The HTML-to-RTF Pro DLL.Net standalone components allows developers to make this kind of conversion.  HTML files as well as XHTML and ASPX files are successfully converted into RTF or DOC files with the use of this component.  Written in Visual Studio C#, this component runs on its own without the need for Microsoft Office, Internet Explorer, or any other third-party software.  Aside from word documents and RTF files, this component is able to covert HTML files to Unicode text and to merge RTF documents as well.  This kind of conversion is made possible through an HTML parser and RTF creator built into the program.

The requirements to run HTML-to-RTF Pro DLL.Net are not at all difficult to comply with.  Since this component is compatible with .Net languages, it is a flexible file conversion tool that developers can use.  This component is compatible with .Net platforms from 1.1 up.  Applications such as Console, WinForms, and ASP.Net are among those where HTML-to-RTF Pro DLL.Net can be used either in shared hosting or in medium trust level services.  This component also has an extensive Unicode support to allow for conversion of Japanese, Chinese, Korean, and other languages from HTML content to RTF format files.  Developers can try out the online HTML-to-RTF Pro DLL.Net conversion tool to find out how they can have a more convenient file conversion tool.