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Home Accountz is one of the leading software applications in the personal financing department. With the newest update in its home accounting system, this software is continuously making a good name in the industry being the most convenient tool for handling finances such as monthly bills, income, expenses, credit balances, etc. Home Accountz’s latest offerings provide the users with more reasons to stay afloat during these financially trying times.

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Better Money Management with Home Accountz

Dubbed as UK’s top personal financing solution, Home Accountz is an advanced accounting program which helps you in keeping track of all your resources and payables. You do not necessarily have to be familiar with spreadsheets and accounting jargon to be able to use the program. The latest feature, the Eazy Button, will get you through all the complicated tasks with several clicks of the mouse.

Being the highlight of Home Accountz 2012 edition, the Eazy Button is something that proves to be very useful to those without prior experience in bookkeeping. It simplifies the typically complex structure of financing principles by intuitively suggesting to the users what need to be done. In other words, doing home accounting is just a cinch with Home Accountz.

Benefits and Features:

  • Eazy Button for step-by-step accounting.
  • New budgeting section for efficient tracking of income and expenses on a given month.
  • Provides forecasts for the coming month so you could stay ahead of your finances.
  • Net worth analyzer so you can always find out what you have achieved so far.
  • Records all your bank and credit card account transactions through manual input or data import.
  • Gives you an option for direct debit automation so you can have everything settled on time.
  • Rapid Data Entry System for quick, hassle-free inputting of data.
  • Features multi-currency so you can switch through different monetary values seamlessly.
  • Creates different charts for illustrating your finances (bar chart, pie chart, etc.).
  • Configurable settings for easier accounting and viewing of related data.
  • User-friendly interface allows you to create data from a scratch with minimum effort required.
  • Video tutorials so you can effectively use the program according to your preferences.
  • Lifetime access to the users’ forum for support and related inquiries.
  • Compatible with Mac, Windows and Linux platforms.

Home Accountz 2012 has recently received rave reviews from several software mavens online as well as the users of this program. It has been rated five stars for ease of use and outstanding features.

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