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Putting the Effects in HDR Efex Pro

The world of photography has vastly developed in recent years. A number of tools and processes have been introduced that sought to make images of every kind appear better, and at times, even achieveĀ  realistic effects. HDR Efex Pro is one such tool as it has been quite effective in creating artistic and even realistic HDR images.

For the uninformed, HDR is short for high dynamic range, a process in photography where several exposures of a given image are initially captured and aligned before merging these together in order to produce one single image. Ostensibly, theĀ  process allows photographers the opportunity to play with a wider array of colors as well as tonality.

Presently, this revolutionary technology is utilized only in the areas of landscape and architectural photography. However, given such tools as the HDR Efex Pro, it should not be too hard to imagine seeing HDR photography being applied in real-life settings. Still, this has yet to be completely developed so HDR Efex will remain limited to still life for the meantime.

In any case, the software is already quite sophisticated as it is and carries several exciting features designed to truly revolutionize the art of landscape photography. For starters, it boasts of four tone mapping functions. A single algorithm of this particular function allows the user to create a desired appearance for a given image, but with four different algorithms brought together, a given image can get its structure increased, given a realistic or subtle touch, and even sprayed with a chosen artistic preset all at the same time.

When it comes to editing the enhanced images, HDR Efex Pro has the U Point technology to meet that need. With the U Point, the used selection can be fine-tuned with ease such that only specific areas get edited without adversely affecting the other parts. Ostensibly, this can only result in uniquely enhanced images, and should make the work of any photographer much easier, especially the editing aspect which is considered as among the most difficult.

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