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For life’s special moments, you want to have nice and unique greeting cards to send to your friend or family members. Sometimes, you want to make calendars, scrapbooks, photo frames or invitation yourself. How to do all things as made by professionals quickly and easily? With Hallmark Card Studio, your work is done as your desire. You can make custom Hallmark cards with ease.

Hallmark Card Studio helps you design the greeting cards on your own by providing over 7,500 Hallmark cards for any occasions – like holidays, birthdays or weddings. Moreover, over 11,000 premium clip-art images along with 6,200 exclusive Hallmark Fonts is added to Hallmark Card Studio. This software also has some cool features such as Event Planner which will let you know about coming important dates, the built-in digital picture placer allows you to put your family photo into your unique creations. With its quality, Hallmark Card Studio can easily meet your expectation.

Hallmark Card Studio Features

  • Helps you design your greeting cards easily and quickly.
  • Includes collection of 7,500 Hallmark cards and projects for most of the special occasions
  • Ability to make customizable photo frames, invitations, photo cards, scrapbooks, calendars and more.
  • Collection of over 11,000 clip-art images, along with selection of over 6,200 Hallmark fonts
  • Hallmark Card Studio’s digital photo placer let you add photo to customize.
  • Print your cards and projects or send them to your friends, family via email.
  • You can also share your cards and projects by uploading them to Facebook and other social networks.
  • Event Planner: notify you about improtant events, and help you organize address books, mailing lists.
  • Digital Photo Placer: customize your cards and projects by adding your collection of picture to them
  • Hallmark Writing Etiquette Guide: get benefits from ideas and writing tips from Hallmark to write your own notes
  • New user interface, Video Tutorial, Matching Envelope Library and more design templates included in Hallmark Card Studio 2012