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Guitar Pro 6

Overview – What is Guitar Pro 6?

Guitar Pro 6 is designed to support musicians, especially guitar and bass players, in creating scores. Whether you’re a beginner trying to learn the most basic chords, or an advanced musician wanting to stroke some finishing touches to his masterpiece, this software is for you.

Providing all the resources and flexibility guitarists need, Guitar Pro 6 helps you furnish your guitar-playing skills with all the right techniques and correct guitar practices.

In creating musical scores, take control of the notes using a guitar tablature for simplicity, or a musical sheet for more advanced users. You are also provided with six retractable panels which contain all the editing functionalities you will need throughout a working session.

Using the Editing panel, you may dictate what tempo a specific verse should follow, or how much rest each line of riff should take. If necessary, you can also change your instruments through the Instrument panel. All the audio functionalities, moreover, are found on the Audio panel while chords and lyrics are presented in their own respective containers, the Chords and Lyrics panels.

When you’re done with the score, you may share it to your band mates by printing a hardcopy or saving it to a drive. In this way, other members can infuse their own musical arrangements for any musical instrument, be it drums, bass or keyboards.

The saved track can also be used to practice instruments individually, eliminating the use of metronomes. Not only instrumentalists will benefit, even lead singers can practice their own lines using this software as a background.

At the official site, the full version is available at around sixty dollars. However, a trial version is also provided for download in case you want to test the waters. Anyway, an upgrade will be ready any time you are ready to take it to the next level.

Guitar Pro 6 is not only developed for PCs, mobile versions for iPhone, iPad and Android-powered phones are also available.


  • Symbols and effects
  • Summary of the notation elements
  • Customize your score
  • Tablature and standard notation


  • The RSE: realistic audio playback
  • Optimized playback options
  • Improved Management of Automations
  • Soundboard, global view


  • Diagram generator
  • Scale engine
  • MIDI and digital tuners
  • Virtual fretboard and keyboard


  • MIDI Import/Export
  • ASCII Import/Export
  • WAV Export
  • PNG Export
  • PDF Export