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CHM Editor Product Description

First introduced with Microsoft Windows 98, Microsoft Compiled HTML Help, or CHM, is a standard format usually used for online help files. Often included in the distribution of software as help files, CHM is also increasingly being used to create e-books; however, editing and creating CHM files has always been tedious and laborious. Specialized programs called compilers were used to edit the files, which unfortunately did not come with WYSIWYG interfaces, making it difficult to work with.

Enter CHM Editor, a straightforward Compiled HTML Help file editor designed to make working with CHM files intuitive and easy. With CHM Editor, creating a new document is a walk in the park – format text, insert images and hyperlinks and see the results as you edit them! What's more, with CHM files being a standard on current Windows OS versions, your prepared compilations and e-books can easily be opened and read with full compatibility.

In addition to being an easy-to-work-with WYSIWYG editor, CHM Editor allows you to open foreign-language CHM files and translate them to your any language of your choice! With the help of different language translation programs easily and widely available on the internet, CHM Editor can take any foreign-language help file and translate it to your own language, keeping all images and formatting intact.

With its convenient, user-friendly interface and unique language translation feature, CHM Editor is the perfect choice for users who work with electronic documentation, e-book collectors and people who keep extensive electronic libraries, as well as professional language translators.

Features and Benefits:

- Open, edit and format any CHM document.

- Create new CHM documents quickly and easily.

- Insert images, hyperlinks, and format text and see get to see what you’re doing immediately with its WYSIWYG editor.

- Translate foreign-language help files via online translation to your language of choice.

- Save your documents and e-books as CHM files compatible on current Windows Operating Systems.

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