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Genie Timeline Professional 2016 is an exceptionally easy-to-use tool, especially for users with the knack of losing their files in their computers. Everybody is not a fan of synching contacts, images or files and making a back up just in case. But, almost everyone has experienced losing important data because of this.

The latest version of the software allows you to assign particular files and folders to be backed up, and your work ends there. There's no more need to specify a destination folder or file name, set a schedule or browse through page after page of complicated settings: Genie Timeline handles everything itself.

Genie Timeline Professional 2016 backs up multiple versions of every file, giving you an option to choose the particular copy you need and wish to access. There's even a Disaster Recovery option, which will back up your system folders, which can be useful when everything else fails.

So what's new in its 2016 update?

- Enhanced the encryption of backed up file names and applied the same 256-bit AES
- Improved backup breakdown display speeds and listing resource usage.
- Enhanced Interface for ease of use.
- Enhancing the database building.
- Fixes for Backup History and Recycle Bin. Faster loading and file listing.
- Fully compatible with Windows 8, 8.1 and 10.
- Under the hood improvements on backup speeds, file analysis algorithms and file queuing.