Garmin nüMaps Lifetime Map Update for North America

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Garmin nuMaps Lifetime Map Update for North America

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A range of Global Positioning System (GPS) navigator devices are available in the market today. These navigator devices are effective in illustrating current locations and destinations with their compatible software. Garmin nüMaps Lifetime Map Update for North America is a compatible software for Garmin navigator devices. It solely provides features for charting North America.


  • It brings map data up to date every three months. It offers this feature free of charge and with no continuous maintenance charges.
  • It delivers a notification via email whenever an updated map version is currently available.
  • It offers an updated version of specific points of location that include schools, business amenities, house of worship and restaurants.
  • It is equipped with in depth maps of main metropolitan regions all over North America. It provides maps of local streets, regional access roads, motorways and national access roads.
  • It delivers updated versions of road maps for the duration of the navigator devices.

Coverage Feature

  • It has a comprehensive coverage of map data for Puerto Rico, Hawaii, Alaska, Canada and United States.
  • It has shaded diagram indicators for describing different routes that include main access roads, main urban districts with town streets, and largest part of urban districts with town streets.

Device Compatibility

  • It is highly recommended to only update a Garmin navigator device which is installed with map data of North America. It can only be used to update a device with similar location.
  •  Various Garmin navigator devices contain small memory storage capacity. SD or microSD memory cards are required in order to download an updated version.

Download Terms

  • Garmin nüMaps Lifetime Map Update for North America is available for download with price scale ranging from $63.95 to $89.99.
  • Each Garmin nüMaps Lifetime Map Update for North America should only be used by a single navigator device.
  • A reliable internet connection is required to be able to endure hours of downloading the entire update.

Garmin nüMaps Lifetime Map Update for North America supports Mac and Windows platforms.

Windows System Requirements

  • It is compatible with Windows XP SP3 or higher.
  •  It requires 1 gigabyte of RAM capacity.
  • Its required graphic display should have a minimum resolution of 1024 by 768.
  • Its preliminary installation requires 7 gigabytes of hard drive space capacity. It requires 2 gigabytes of hard drive space capacity after software installation.

Mac System Requirements

  • It requires Mac OS with 10.5.8 version or newer. Its Mac OS should be designed with an Intel-based processor.
  • Its required RAM capacity is approximately 1 gigabyte.
  • Its required minimum capacity of graphic display resolution is approximately 1024 by 768.
  • Seven gigabytes of hard drive space capacity is required for its preliminary installation. Two gigabytes of hard drive space capacity is required after update installation.

Garmin nüMaps Lifetime Map Update for North America is offered at a reasonable price. It delivers 4 updated versions of data map each year. It provides user-friendly navigation tools. It is perfect for searching locations and destinations.

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