G Data TotalSecurity 2014

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G Data TotalSecurity 2014

The makers of the popular G Data AntiVirus software are at it again with the release of the G Data TotalSecurity 2014. This new anti-virus solution offers complete all-around protection for your PC or laptop. If you value all your files in your computer then you need to get an efficient protection like what G Data has been offering through the years.

Like its forerunners, the 2014 version is powered by two engines. The Avast and Bitdefender engines work together in providing you with the ultimate protection. There are also fingerprinting and idle scanning features makes it light on resources. This software also works on smartphones and tablets and provides hourly updates. It has the Parental Control feature to protect your kids from inappropriate content and annoying spams.

Aside from the usual features you get from any anti-malware software, G Data presents the new CloseGap technology which is not only available in the TotalSecurity but also in other 2014 versions of their other products like the aforementioned G Data AntiVirus. The CloseGap technology allows instantaneous action against spams, viruses and other threats from the Internet. It also protects you from hackers.

The TotalSecurity 2014 also improved on some old features. Online banking and shopping is now more secure with its new BankGuard technology. It has also enhanced its behavior monitoring to further fight off unknown viruses. As for data backup, TotalSecurity has an integrated backup function that automatically does its work so you can breathe a sigh of relief whenever you encounter problems with your data.

One knack against this version is that it is quite tedious when it comes to adding or blocking a file in firewall. Also, when you come across unknown connections, the firewall pop up gives you little info regarding the IP address of the application you want to connect to.

Though there is still room for some minor improvements, the G Data TotalSecurity 2014 provides you with strong, fast and efficient protection against the evil forces of the Internet. As long as you have an Internet connection, you can download updates to keep your software fresh and energized to fight off the viruses.

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