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G Data AntiVirus 2014

Reviewing the New G Data AntiVirus 2014

 The importance of having protection has been on its highest in recent years. With the threat of computer viruses everywhere, users have been scrambling to find the best anti-virus software that will keep their computers, particularly the files, safe. Enter the G Data AntiVirus 2014.

G Data Software, Inc. is the company behind the collection of anti-virus software that is known for having the highest detection rate among all programs of its kind currently in the market. The G Data AntiVirus 2014 is the latest of its products. It is an upgrade of the 2013 version which fared well because of its affordability and effectiveness thanks to two different virus scanners.

The latest version has added some new features to keep your PC in tiptop shape to fight off any virus. It now has the G Data CloseGap technology and an active hybrid protection to close security gaps. It also features the AutostartManager which accelerates start-up as if you were booting up for the first time. The user interface also had a major makeover and is now completely re-engineered for easier intuitive use. So easy, you’ll have no use for a software manual.

Aside from these innovations, the 2014 version has also improved on some areas. Online banking became more secure with an improved BankGuard technology while unknown viruses are in for a difficult time because of the much-improved behavior monitoring ability of the G Data.

The latest from G Data Software still has the popular features of its predecessor such as the two antivirus engines, hourly updates, fingerprinting, IdleScan, and G Data WebCloud among others.

Most reviews of this new anti-virus solution have been uplifting. Most have specified its effectiveness in blocking malware and other bad programs. Its behavior blocker allows the good programs to run smoothly while effectively preventing the bad ones from affecting your computer.

There’s still room for improvement, though, especially with its help system which is outdated. Also, the GUI pales in comparison to other anti-virus solutions in the market.

Before you purchase the G Data AntiVirus 2014, make sure you have either Windows XP with 512 MB RAM or Windows Vista 7 or 8 with 1 GB RAM. Of course, you’ll need a stable internet connection as well.

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