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FormReturn is Optical Mark Recognition Software for Windows, Mac OSX and Linux.  Packed with features and easy to use it gives anyone, computer savvy or not, the ability to design distributable printed forms for capturing hand-written marks.

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FormReturn Product Description:

The Convenience of FormReturn

People are dependent on the computers nowadays because of the speed and convenience it provides. But in some cases, computers’ speed becomes impractical when it comes to doing surveys and giving students web based test because of the prior need to prepare the websites and additional time spent in collecting the responses. FormReturn answers this need with the use of Optical Mark Recognition technology.

FormReturn makes task easier by utilizing the technology of OMR with the use of scanner and paper responses. OMR is an application widely used in lottery, ballots and multiple choice questionnaires. This software helps in efficiently handling multiple responses, aids in storing these responses for future use and reporting. Imagine the tons of work and hours spent just by collecting results individually.

This application gives you the ability to design specialized OMR forms with less effort just by making use of the visual sheet designer or editor which can later be used as a reusable template. You design your OMR form as you like it then process it with either an identifier included for the respondent or no identifier. Upon collecting, this design alone saves you the extended task because the batch results will be scanned and carefully integrated to complete the details on the database you already have. Gone are the hours spent manually filling boxes with the results collected.

Obviously , FormReturn is a software with multiple features that makes it so easy to use because of its following functions: OMR form editor and reader in one, can run on Mac, Linux and Windows, a bar code writer and reader, allows customizable forms, enables automatic scoring and form processing, allows optimal graphics print and other extendable functions. If you are after efficiency and convenience, FormReturn is for you.

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