Fluenz Mandarin

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Fluenz Mandarin

Learn Mandarin Fluently with Fluenz Mandarin

Fluenz Mandarin is a top learning program of the Mandarin language. Fluenz Mandarin aims to teach people who are already familiar and understands English Mandarin in a manner where the teaching method is based on the structure and pattern of the English language. This program comes in handy since you can learn Mandarin without going to school and attending classes.

With the use of computers or laptops, you can learn Mandarin in the simplest method through the use of videos, images, and audios. The program is composed of 45 sessions and each session last for 2 hours or more. Fluenz Mandarin has gone through several test and revisions to ensure that it is comprehensive and the learner will not know the basic of Mandarin only but also to become fluent in the language.

Fluenz Mandarin makes use of the concept of learning in a classroom. The program includes a “classroom teacher” in the person of Sonia Gill who explains what should be done and how to do it things. Sonia Gill is in the best position to teach Mandarin because she truly knows what it feels and what does a person in this stage thinking about leaning Mandarin. Sonia learned Mandarin from scratch only.

To ensure that you are really fluent and you have the correct accent, a recording engine is included so you can listen and check your own accent. Also provided are 2 (two) audio CDs for more training lessons. There are available podcast that are downloadable and a Fluenz Navigator that can be used to find significant phrases or words. The DVD runs in an Intel Mac, Windows XP, and Vista operating systems. Also included in the purchase is a User Guide that contains the troubleshooting guide when there are some problems in the application.

Fluenz Mandarin is the only interactive learning program of Mandarin language that offers an immersive learning environment that is conducive to a one-on-one tutoring.