Fluenz Italian

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Fluenz Italian

Fluenz Italian Product Description

If you love Italy and is planning to have a vacation over there for a couple of weeks or even months, you must prepare now and learn how to fluently speak Italian. Fluenz Italian software is a language learning program that will help you speak, read, and write Italian in just a short time.

Fluenz Italian is developed by the intellectual graduates from University of Chicago, Cornell, and Harvard University. This software is specially designed to provide an effective approach for those who are English speakers and wants to learn Italian.

Fluenz Italian provides a step-by-step process where the students are guided every step of the way. Lessons are discussed in details such that students will become fluent in Italian in no time.

Features and Benefits

– Uses a real tutor in the person of Sonia Gil who guides the students in a step-by-step process of language learning and presents an extensive tutorial and guidance in difficult topics.

– Learn at your own pace through a one-on-one tutoring strategy.

– Offers full tutorial where every details are explained and how the structure of Italian language works.

– Provides challenging activities that encompasses all skills such as reading, writing, and speaking Italian and reinforces the tutorials.

– Presents tactics, personal experiences, and strategies that will hopefully give you helpful insights.

– Each tutoring sessions can be completed in two and a half hours.

– Introduces everyday language that is useful by immersing the students in a conversation between people who are native speakers of the Italian language.

– After every session, the tutor gives a conclusion and a word or two that will inspire anyone to continue learning the beautiful Italian language.

Fluenz Italian promises to provide real results and greater fluency unlike other language program where learners are treated as kids by associating words to pictures. Through detailed explanations and highlighting significant elements of the Italian culture and language structure, you’ll definitely speak Italian fluently.