Fluenz German

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Fluenz German

Fluenz German Product Description

Fluenz German software is a comprehensive language learning program that provides the opportunity to learn German language in a fun and easy way. Through a video, students are guided in learning every important detail about German language characters and structures.

Your potential in learning to write, read, and speak German will be developed through standard videos and interactive exercises. Fluenz German developers believed that there is no other substitute for an effective tutor. A person is more motivated to learn if there is someone who gives him encouragement and guidance. As each session starts, the students are immediately introduced to phrases and conversations that are relevant to daily activities.

Learn German without going to a school. Learn on your own learning pace and your preferred schedule.

Features and Benefits

– Comes with three DVD ROMs: Fluenz German 1, Fluenz German 2, and Fluenz German 3.

– Includes 3 audio CDs that contain additional exercises.

– Composed of 90 sessions of different topics. Each session last up to 2 hours and 30 minutes.

– Make use of a real tutor who discusses each topic in details and giving guidance.

– Uses a one-on-one tutoring strategy and using English language to explain everything.

– Presenting you the topics by immersing you in real-world situations and by filling you with appropriate information about the culture.

– Includes a recording system where students can record their voices and replay it to check the differences in the accent and pronunciation.

– Includes podcast and flashcards that are downloadable and exclusive only for Fluenz German clients.

– Also integrated is a Fluenz Navigator which is useful in referencing or looking for words and phrases.

Fluenz German software is trusted by many government organizations such as UNICEF, UN, and the US Navy. These organizations use Fluenz German to make their elite units, security personnel, and officials fluent is speaking German and good in reading and writing the language.