Fluenz French

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Fluenz French

Be Fluent in French with Fluenz French

Fluenz French is learning program software where all effective learning methods from different programs are incorporated while leaving out those methods that aren’t effective in becoming fluent in French. The Fluenz team is consisted of people who have the passion to learn, teach, and speak foreign languages like French. Their combined expertise in this field paved way for the development of Fluenz French.

Fluenz French program uses different teaching methods. All of the lessons begin with a woman describing the important facet of the language. She will then discuss what you will be learning in that particular lesson where some parts are spoken in French but it does have English descriptions. What you have learned in the video will be reinforced by immersing you in a series of videos that shows natives in French language speaking to each other. That video will be repeated three times. The first video has English subtitles, the second one having English and French subtitles, and the third having no subtitles at all. This way, you have the greater chance of imprinting the words in your memory. The other teaching method is through games where the learner listen to words, finishes incomplete sentences, or matching words.

Learning French through this software is much better since you can learn anytime you want as long as there is available computer or laptop. It is a one-on-one tutoring so you are more focused and you can learn at your own pace.

Other goals of Fluenz French is to teach you to speak French without a script, write and spell correctly, read, and comprehend what you are reading. You will be taught numerous vocabularies and acquire abilities necessary to learning the French language. Included in the program is an audio CD that complements the interactive learning program. The CD can be played on your car or in an iPod so you can still learn French or what you have learned from the video are reinforced even if there are no available computers.


Fluenz Trumps Rosetta Stone” – “I found the Fluenz software…better than the venerable Rosetta Stone program…Fluenz helped me make the word associations I needed to learn the language faster.” – the Associated Press review