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FireShot Pro Product Description

In this age of the virtual world and the internet, making people believe what you see on your screen might not always be an easy task. Pressing PrintScreen just doesn’t cut it anymore! With FireShot Pro, an advanced version of the popular screen capture extension FireShot for browsers, clipping (and working with) what you see from your screen is as simple as 1-2-3.

What if whatever you need to grab doesn’t fit the window? What if you need to capture an entire webpage that extends far beyond your browser? FireShot Pro lets you do all that – and so much more. FireShot Pro allows you to easily grab entire scrollable lengths of webpages and windows with its completely graphical interface. These screenshots can be saved in a variety of formats (PDF and BMP, or web-friendly PNG, JPEG, and GIF), copied onto the clipboard, emailed or uploaded to popular social media and image gallery sites, or sent to an external image editing software. What’s more is that FireShot Pro allows you to edit captures and quickly add graphic and text annotations, useful for content reviews, testing, and web design.

Not only that, FireShot Pro has a multi-editor interface that lets you switch between different captures, so you can exchange annotations conveniently. It also allows you to edit with an unlimited undo and redo feature, organize files into projects, customize FTP and HTTP server uploads.

Features and Benefits:

– Exchange text and graphic annotations between captures with its ,ulti-editor interface.

– Organize and store captures as projects and save your work to reload and continue later.

– Upload to popular image hosting sites Flickr and Google Picasa, ImageShack and EasyCaptures.

– Customize your captures to be uploaded and stored to your FTP and HTTP servers.

– Drag-and-drop your photos onto the editor for quick and easy commenting.

– Worry-free experimentation with unlimited undo!

– Quick and seamless integration with the clipboard and PrintScreen functions.

– Continue navigating and surfing with FireShot’s independent editor window.

– Print browsers as you see them!

– Protect the intellectual property rights of your work with custom bitmap watermarks.

Price (40% OFF)
Screenshot Studio $ 59.95 34.95 $25.00

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