Finale 2012

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People who are gifted with musical prowess will certainly enhance their craft better through software applications designed to capture and perfect their musical composition. The Finale is a software application designed for music enthusiasts where they can easily compose, notate and arrange their compositions and further enhance it through high-quality sound effects.

Musical Master Class with Finale

The Finale offers the widest range alternatives on how musicians can input their notes into their composition. It allows audio importation, MIDI keyboard input, recording of wind instruments, computer peripherals input and scanning of available songs. With these inputs, musicians can certainly mix and match different samples to create a wonderful melody using the software.

This software also presents a music library which contains a broad selection of sounds that the users can enjoy and thoroughly utilize in their work. In addition, more Garritan sounds have been added for the music enthusiasts’ satisfaction. These new instrument sounds include celeste, recorder, pipe organ, soprano sax, accordion, mandolin and euphonium solo.

The Setup Wizard automatically customizes the sound library according to the instruments that is selected in it. It also keeps track of the frequently used sound libraries for the user’s convenience. The library also contains sounds from the Tapspace Virtual Drumline and other external sound libraries.

Another important feature of the Finale that users can find useful is the ScoreManager. The ScoreManager is responsible in conveniently arranging and organizing different musical details based on the preference of the musician. The ScoreManager can automatically switch a set of notes from one instrument to another and facilitate both sound and playback settings. This provides a quicker way in arranging music and instruments in order to properly complement with each other’s sounds. Also, the ScoreManager allows easy selection of notation styles, transposition, clef and staff names. Through this feature, the users are given more freedom to concentrate with their music and let the ScoreManager deal with all the musical details.

The Finale Numerics font is one good point of this software application. This can be used to easily notate figured bass and compose Schenker graphs. This font allows easier encoding of either harmonic analysis or Roman numerals. Finale also incorporated the Unicode font support in its system which permits almost all type of fonts to be used in the software. PDF files can be easily generated for music sheets created using the program.

This software allows its users to produce accompaniments in SmartMusic formats. The SmartMusic integration allows access to the largest accompaniment library in the world and immediate feedback for the accompaniments in it. The output that is produced through the Finale still sounds exactly the way it is originally made even if it is sent to other people.

It does not matter on what platform the users choose to share their music – the quality will still remain the same. Other features which make the Finale the top musical software choice include video support, TempoTap, Music Educator Resources, Video Tutorials, Human Playback and Linked Parts.

The Finale grants its users the liberty to play with their creativity and talent in order to produce a musical masterpiece the world will love to listen to. Individuals who love creating music will certainly find this software very useful and beneficial to their craft. This is the perfect choice for people who want to practice making music.

(Finale 2012)

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