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Finale PrintMusic 2011

Loving Music with Finale PrintMusic

People who are born with the talent to create music are really exceptional in their field. Because of this, software manufacturers have developed a new program called Finale PrintMusic that is useful for creating, editing, playing and sharing musical compositions and ensembles. This software is developed to cater to the needs of musicians, teachers, composers, bands and even students. This software promises its users more time in creating wonderful music and lesser time understanding the interface of the program.

The Finale PrintMusic offers an expedient way in starting writing musical compositions. There are several options in the Setup Wizard that can be configured in order to automatically adjust the transpositions, key signatures, pick up measures and time signatures for a particular project. Document styles can also be used to add a more personalized touch to the musical scores that users make.

Finale PrintMusic makes inputting notes to the project a lot easier. Users can input notes through a MIDI keyboard, computer keyboard, notation files, Micnotator (for wind instruments) or scanned music sheets (through SmartScore Lite Scanning). Simple Note Entry permits easy adjustment of the pitch just by clicking the notes. This also allows octave adjustments, addition of grace notes, articulation entries, addition of accidentals and time signature adjustments.

Lyrics can be easily entered into the music sheet while musicians are composing their work. These are automatically adjusted and fit subtly to the music sheet format. Chords, percussion notation and guitar tablature are designed to be quickly adjusted in order to effect the changes while editing the music. Note entry is easier because they adjust automatically as they are being inserted in the sheet. Users can also quickly enter rehearsal marks, tuplets and slurs as the program will automatically insert it to the file.

Basic computer interfaces such as selection tool, cut, copy and paste have been incorporated in the program to facilitate quicker editing.  In addition to this, several functions such as transpose, add repeats, adjust expressions, change clefs and change bar lines have been included. The staff layout has also been improved to easily move, reorder and hide staves when editing.

After finishing the edit process, users can utilize the mixer and Human Playback functions in order to fine-tune and polish the musical output. Both of these functions have different settings that can be adjusted to improve the music that has been created. The program is also installed with an internal and external sound library which can be blended and mixed with original compositions to create beautiful harmonies.

After effecting all the adjustments to enhance the musical composition, this software provides users with different choices on how they can share their work. Users can create audio files in MP3 or WAV format, publish textbooks by exporting the music to a word processing application, upload file through the Finale Notepad application, post the music file at the Finale Showcase, export MIDI files or just print the music sheet itself. With all of these options, the music that is created thru Finale PrintMusic can certainly be appreciated and enjoyed by other music lovers in different parts of the world.

(Finale PrintMusic 2011)

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