Final Draft 8

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Final Draft Version 8 Product Description:

Final Draft Version 8 is the newest and updated software that is very helpful for screenwriters, TV episode writers and theater playwrights. It is a software application that will enable you to write your script effectively giving out a standard format that will make it easy for writers to plan out everything from the script and to the production.

Final Draft Version 8 has basic features of pre-population of the following elements such as scene headings, action, characters, dialogs, shots and transitions; Smart Type where in it remembers the character and automatically fills it in; Script Notes that will enable writers to provide feedback and additional notes on the script after printing; Formatting or Pagination where in automatically corrects continueds in terms of script uniformity; and Revisions or Page Locking that provides tools which are used in corrections of the script once already in production.

Final Draft Version 8 has a user friendly interface that introduces the improved index card format of the script. It provides easy outline of double-sided cards that will display the scene and the summary on the other side. The writer can also color the index card with different colors to avoid confusion. Also, it can now be saved on a file format XML.

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