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January 24, 2015 Filemaker

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Filemaker Pro 13

FileMaker Discount Coupon Code

Filemaker Pro / Advanced / Server 13 Discount Coupon Code

Filemaker Pro 13

Filemaker Pro 13
FileMaker Pro 13 - English FileMaker Pro 13 - English
List Price: $329.00
Sale Price: $310.93
You save: $18.07 (5%)
FileMaker Pro 13 Upgrade - English FileMaker Pro 13 Upgrade - English
List Price: $179.00
Sale Price: $173.18
You save: $5.82 (3%)
Filemaker Pro 13 Advanced
FileMaker Pro 13 Advanced - English FileMaker Pro 13 Advanced - English
List Price: $549.00
Sale Price: $542.33
You save: $6.67 (1%)
FileMaker Pro 13 Advanced Upgrade - English FileMaker Pro 13 Advanced Upgrade - English
List Price: $299.00
Sale Price: $281.63
You save: $17.37 (6%)
Filemaker Server 12

Securely host groups of FileMaker Pro users over a network or on the web by adding FileMaker Server 12 (separate purchase of FileMaker Pro required). It's fast, reliable, easy-to-use server software for securely managing your FileMaker Pro databases.

Filemaker Server 12 Upgrade Filemaker Server 12 Upgrade
Sale Price: $599.00

Filemaker Pro Product Description:

Filemaker Pro is a software program that most companies employ in order to manage their files both on a network and online. Files and loads of different data can be placed in an organized manner with the use of the Filemaker Pro. It is most commonly used by businesses in order to keep track of all the information that they keep. In short, the Filemaker Pro is a database type of software.

Here are some of the specific capabilities of the Filemaker Pro:

  • Customizable database

The Filemaker Pro is not just another database software program that you can use to manage your files. Yes, the software is able to do all of this but it can also be customized. The user can create particular specifications and designs within their database that is unique to them.

Another great feature included within the Filemaker Pro is the easy to use drag and drop option. The database you create with your Filemaker Pro can easily be created by dragging files onto the Filemaker Pro window.

  • Data sharing across a network

You need not worry about having to save files onto an external drive and manually transferring the data onto another office computer. With Filemaker Pro you can be able to share and transfer files to different computers within the business. In cases where in you want certain files protected, you can easily install security measures to assure that all your files are secured.

  • Generate up to date reports

Reporting tools are another feature within the Filemaker Pro that helps to manage certain tasks. One can create PDF or excel formatted reports in no time.

  • Data publishing on the worldwide web

Information can easily be uploaded online with the use of Filemaker Pro. From surveys to feedback forms, all of these can be uploaded onto a secure site.

Filemaker Pro Advanced Product Description:

The Filemaker Pro Advanced is a more powerful tool that can be used to manage information by creating a secure database. The Filemaker Pro Advanced is actually an enhancement from the preceding Filemaker Pro. This particular version of the software includes several new features and enhancement that ensure that users have the best service database possible. It also has more flexible program options that are much more beneficial for intensive or large operational businesses.

Similar to the Filemaker Pro, this version also enables the user to customize their database to their liking. Only, with the Filemaker Pro Advanced users have more options to work with which means that the created database has more functions for better efficiency. This new enhancement offers a faster performance in comparison to the other version.

The Filemaker Pro Advanced also allows better tracking and monitoring of information stored in the database. Modifications can also be done with the use of this program by a copy and paste method onto a designated table or field.

Aside from enhancements of the usual features, here are some of the additional capabilities of the Filemaker Pro Advanced:

  • Script Debugger

With the new script debugger option, your program can easily detect and zero in on glitches and problems within the script. This option works alongside the other new feature within the Filemaker Pro Advanced – the custom menus.

  • Customized Function and menu tabs

With the new customized functions on the Filemaker Pro Advanced, there is no need to re-input data manually onto a field. All you need to do is transfer from one field to another and make the necessary adjustments to customize it.

The menu tabs on the Filemaker Pro Advanced also enables easy access to the different options since it caters specifically to your needs.

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