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Bento 4

Organize Your Files with Bento 4

Bento 4 is the one you need to help you keep track of your projects, organize your contacts, and plan events. There are many things you can do with your Mac, iPad, and iPhone if you use Bento 4.

After a few seconds, you can already get started with Bento 4. There are 35 integrated templates included in the software that you can readily use at your home, school, community, or at work. If previously you always have a hard time searching for your files, Bento 4 will organize it for you in just a few seconds. You can sort files quickly, view information in an attractive presentation, do speedy search of documents, and add password for security.

When at work, sharing of files is very easy and quick as long as you are in network with the other devices. Bento 4 is very essential in a time when you need to continually update your colleague with data and information. Allow yourself to stack all the contacts, numbers, names, to-do list, appointments, and many more in just one place.

Bento 4 for Mac is not only for organizing numbers, names, and keeping track of your projects but you can also store your pictures, videos, and other multimedia files. Just copy it on Bento and you can view images and videos from your device anytime and anywhere. With Bento 4, you will be entertained viewing your spreadsheet in a colourful and beautiful form.

If you cannot bring your Mac with you, you can still view your files through Bento for iPad or Bento for iPhone. Bento is also designed with basic Mathematical capabilities. At Bento Template Exchange, you can copy or download additional templates for free.

Bento 4 is ideal for those who need a simple database to track many projects and organize schedules and information. You can enjoy the services Bento 4 provides with a minimal amount only.

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