Family Tree Maker Platinum 2012

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Family Tree Maker Platinum 2012 software

Family tree maker platinum 2012 is genealogy software which is designed to assist the user in doing family research and in creating a family tree. Most of the work is done on People Workspace in Family tree maker platinum 2012 software. It helps your do three things namely

  1. Customizing the profile of an individual.
  2. Viewing the recently entered names.
  3. Viewing the chart of family tree.

The automated system in this software ensures that you enter the correct information by sending alerts in case of duplicate records and dates. Family tree maker platinum 2012 helps you in finding sources all over the world.

Bonus features of family tree maker platinum 2012

  1. It makes it easy to view all the family members who are associated with a particular place.
  2. When you change any information about any individual the customized narratives gets updated automatically.
  3. To help you know more about the life of an individual, significant event like natural disasters and wars are added to the timeline of an individual.
  4. With the use of web clipper you can merge the data easily.
  5. The 3d option helps you know how the location looks like by allowing you to visualize the height of surrounding objects and buildings.

Family tree maker platinum 2012 is easy to use

The design and layout of genealogy software can aid the research of any person no matter how much experience he may have. It enables you to organize and view all the tree media, tree citations and sources. While printing from the genealogy software there is a wide option of reports and charts like

  1. Relationship.
  2. Pedigree.
  3. Descendent.

If you want to create a customized chart then you can choose from a huge variety of backgrounds in family tree maker platinum 2012 software.
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