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Family Tree Maker for Mac Description

Finding a Family Tree Maker for Mac

Preserving family history and the legacy that your ancestors have left behind is a common and effective way of ensuring that your genealogy will not be forgotten. Creating charts and family photos is often a good starting point, but it can be a little limiting. With the development of Family Tree Maker, family legacies can be preserved a lot easier and faster.

Essentially, the software was initially created for Windows users. However, as Family Tree Maker proved to become highly popular, the need to have a Family Tree Maker for Mac became quite obvious. Fortunately, the developers of the software have long anticipated this scenario. In this regard, they have devised a migration utility whereby family tree files originally saved in a Windows format can be easily converted to its Mac version.

InĀ  order to enjoy the benefits offered by Family Tree Maker for Mac, you need to download and install on your PC the official Family Tree Maker File Migration Utility. In addition, you need to prepare your very own Family Tree Maker file, and the tool that will allow you transfer your files from a Windows-based PC to a MAC-based computer. The tool can be in the form of a CD, DVD, a flash drive, an FTP site, or a system connection.

Presently, files stored in the Family Tree Maker can only be transferred to another operating system if the software is of the 2010, 2011, and 2012 versions. File migrations using the earlier editions will not work mainly due to differences in features as well as settings. Additionally, the Family Tree Maker comes in Mac 1 and Mac 2 versions for which significant differences exist, making these two incompatible with the older Family Tree Maker Windows models.

Nevertheless, the Family Tree Maker for Mac offers an excellent alternative to the Windows-based software. This is especially true for those who have been long-time users of Mac computers.

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