Family Tree Maker Deluxe 2012

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Family tree maker deluxe 2012 to preserve your legacy

Family tree maker deluxe 2012 helps you preserve your legacy, discover about your family story and share your heritage.

Few things that family tree maker deluxe 2012 helps you do easily

  1. Preserve and search your family story on the computer.
  2. Share and view your family tree from a different location, family name and migration path.
  3. Create reports and charts to share with your friends and family.
  4. Download the latest information directly to your family tree.
  5. Integrate with 895 million records that are there on
  6. Add documents, video, audio and photos to your family tree.
  7. View interactive maps and timelines highlighting places and events in the lives of your ancestors.
  8. Features with improved editing options and content generation.
  9. Synchronize online and desktop family trees with the new tree sync features.
  10. Write facts and smart stories that update the family tree automatically.

Family tree maker deluxe 2012 is new software that has a host of exciting tools

The new tree sync tool keeps your family tree up to date and uploads it to Just with the click of a button you can keep your family tree in sync. You can now share your tree with other members of your family. As soon as you enter some information about your family tree, hints that link you to the historical trees and records start appearing. The new features of family tree maker deluxe 2012 helps you save all the information that you discover, to the family tree thereby keeping an electronic copy of it. The timelines and maps tool helps you know where your ancestors lived and track the migration path of your family. These tools help you manage documents, video and audio files faster. Thus family tree maker deluxe 2012 makes your research task easier.

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