Family Tree Heritage Platinum 15

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About the old versions of Family Tree Heritage Platinum

Family Tree Heritage Platinum 9

If you are the kind of person who likes compiling the genealogy and trace your roots, then Family Tree Heritage Platinum 9 will surely be one of the most helpful softwares for you.

Whether it’s your child’s homework, or just your plain hobby, there are people out there that want to make their own family tree.

The software offers a lot of features that help documentation and research, from linking many records from different websites. The developers of the software understands the frustration of not finding enough details that you need in building your own family tree. This is why they put hard work in providing as many resources as possible; to make sure that the users will have enough information to work with.

Family Tree Heritage Platinum 9 works with,, and Ancestry, which is directly accessible from the software.

Customer support is also rated very good, with a search option within the application itself, as well as a phone and email support available on weekends, to help users in setting it up and resolve issues.

Family Tree Heritage Platinum Discount Coupon Code

Building a Family Tree, Tracing a Legacy

Lilo from the animated movie Lilo and Stitch once said that “Ohana” means family, and family means nobody is left behind and forgotten.

Many people want to know where and who their roots are. Some try their luck by asking their direct families about their ancestors. Some perform a more systematic research through the web and with the use of yearbooks and the like. Some do it out of curiosity, while some may do it for future political use. But whatever their reasons are, it all boils down to family trees and the faces they put on the branches.

What is Family Tree Heritage Platinum ?

To help trace the bloodline and make things easier, Family Tree Heritage Platinum 8 is born. It is a piece of software designed to let people create a record of their lineage and family background electronically. Like a scrapbook where one pastes photos of his family members and write captions on it, this software would let him upload some images and key in names and a few notes describing the event that would include dates and locations. It is user -friendly, organized and quickly produces and creates a page where one can either print or publish online.

Family Tree Heritage Platinum Coupon

Family Tree Heritage Platinum Features

There has got to be a reason why this software is giving out a buzz. Here are some things you might want to consider in installing this genealogy software in your own desktop computer.

  • Free search. This feature will allow one to search for records without fee or subscription required. The logical and coherent searches are linked to other popular genealogy sites that seamlessly breakdown the results for you.
  • Display and View. This feature refers to the graphical user interface where one can choose from a variety of options such as Graphical Trees and Mapping or Migration View. They also have the choice to switch from Individual, Ancestor, Family or Pedigree View. Everything seems to be 1-click away.
  • Customizable Family Tree. Unleash one’s love for scrapbook by keying in some captions or family notes that would describe the event shown in that uploaded photo. Include the date, time and location to give it a more personal touch.
  • Data Entry. This software doesn’t limit one to post still photos but videos as well. You can make use of the database and import some beneficial information from there or just manually enter the data.
  • Reports and Charts. There are a number of reports and charts one can choose from the Family Tree Heritage Platinum.  Some are Ancestor, Descendant, and Pedigree Charts. Ancestor Narrative, Custom, and Event Reports make it to the list, too.
  • Importing and Exporting Data. In completing the family tree, one can add documents, still photos, videos, sound and GEDCOM files. And for the end result, you can have a .jpeg file that you can print with ease, save it to a CD/DVD disc and safe keep for future use, and publish it online for ease of access anytime, anywhere.

Make you family tree fun and easy to build. Trace you lineage and legacy with ease. Be wise. Think Family Tree Heritage Platinum.