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Sharable Excel Files with Excel to PDF.Net

.Net applications can easily export MS Excel files into other file formats with Excel to PDF.Net.  This standalone component can be used with applications such as Silverlight and Winforms.  Developers can convert whole excel workbooks into file formats as pdf, word, and rtf.  Excel to PDF.Net supports full formatting of fonts and text, hyperlinks, merged cells, special characters, and formulas.  Developers can use this platform by specifying whether to covert either entire workbooks or only selected spreadsheets.  Pagination and password protection in the converted files are also made possible by using this platform.  Creating any type of .Net application in 32- or 64-bit with Excel to PDF.Net makes use of a multi-platform component that lets users build applications using Linux and Mac monoplatforms.

Excel to PDF.Net is created in pure C# language with no other dependencies in any other software.  Other languages supported by this standalone component include VB.NET, J#, Delphi.Net, ColdFusion 8, and C++.Net among others.  It reads XLS files accurately and coverts to PDF filed directly with options for users to adjust the outputs accordingly.  It works across .Net platforms as well as Windows, Linux, and Mac.  Resulting PDF outputs can be displayed in ASP.Net pages as well as in other readers programmed for showing and sharing such file formats.  Online demos and trial packages for Excel to PDF.Net are available at the Sautin Soft official website.

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